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What to do about Linens??

Table linens are the “dress” for your reception and back drop for most décor accessories at your outdoor wedding! Decisions, decisions! The most popular linen colors are white and ivory…after all, most everything goes with these colors…you can’t go wrong!  But, fear not! If you entertain the notion to color it up a bit, go for it! The various linen colors can make a beautiful statement, and is another way to “make your day your own!”

Determining the number and size of linens you need is often a bigger challenge than color selection, but with most tables and linens having standard sizes, the job looks a little simpler!

NOTE to remember:  Standard tables have a distance of approx. 30” from top to floor

                                    Cocktail /Hi-Top tables have a distance of approx. 42” top to floor

So, how far do you want the linen to fall on the sides? To the floor = 30”, “calf length” = 24”.

(Shorter lengths available but not usually recommended.)

NOTE to remember:  Floor length is recommended for Sweetheart table, food & drink tables, sign-in, etc. Not only do they tend to look dressier, but boxes, etc. can be stored underneath!

   **Email a request for a chart of Linen Sizes appropriate for the Tables at The Cabin Ridge**                                      

To Rent or Buy? 

Rental linens are nice quality, folded, delivered on hangers, and simply placed in a provided linen bag at the end of the evening. Classic Event Rentals in Asheville offers many colors of nice table linens. Due to cleaning and loss due to stains and damages, rental prices are usually more than purchasing the linens online.

Linens for purchase can be found online,,,, to name a few sites. The linens are packaged in cellophane, and therefore creased (not just folded). This will likely indicate the need to steam or iron the linens, fold and place on hangers to bring to the venue.  The good news is you may be able to sell the linens on a used wedding supplies websites, like,,, and a number of others! Who knows, you might take a look at some of these sites first, to see if they have linens, etc. that you could use at your mountain top wedding!